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This blog is dedicated to the Brewer Family of North Carolina. These pages present our recent family gatherings and more distant family history.
We have an ongoing effort to capture the Brewer genealogy to best honor our ancestors. We've identified our ancestors who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Orange and Chatham Counties, NC as early as 1750. In the 1800s, we saw a migration to Alexander and Iredell Counties in NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky. By the 20th century our family made their homes all over the nation.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Bristol Irene Brewer Huffman (1927-2015)

We lost one of our senior members on November 1, 2015. Irene was the last survivor among the children of James Robert Brewer and Bessie Dean Shoemaker.  The couple's children developed a poem to remember the order of birth. Below is a variation of that poem as presented at Irene's funeral:
The story is about a family tree,
Bob and Bess and baby made three.
The baby was a boy named Lester Ray.
They soon had a sister named Martha Faye.
They thought the perfect family was four,
So they decided to have two more.
Two boys and two girls they say,
So along came Betty Mae and Wiley Clay.
To break the lie along came James Paul,
They thought that would surely be all.
But Bristol Irene was the last to be seen.


Frances Caldwell said...

I had the privilege to spend the last 4 weeks of my aunt Irene's life with her.I cared for her just like my mom would have wanted.I thank God her illness took her without a lot of pain and she passed quietly in her sleep.Loved her dearly. Earlene Cockrell Caldwell.

Ron said...

Earlene: She was a grand lady. I always told her how much I liked her first name. It had a lot of class just as she did. Ron

John Lehman said...

My website has nine coats of arms with the surname Brewer.

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