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This blog is dedicated to the Brewer Family of North Carolina. These pages present our recent family gatherings and more distant family history.
We have an ongoing effort to capture the Brewer genealogy to best honor our ancestors. We've identified our ancestors who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Orange and Chatham Counties, NC as early as 1750. In the 1800s, we saw a migration to Alexander and Iredell Counties in NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky. By the 20th century our family made their homes all over the nation.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Stories from Our Ancestors

The various genealogy reports about our family are useful and interesting, but most of us also enjoy reading stories.  One of our family members, Susan Johnston Moore, volunteered to periodically provide narratives based on the research into our family. You can read our first story about the life of Lucretia Stout Brewer by clicking each link (in gray or blue) below.  Check this blog in the future as more stories are added.  If you're aware of an interesting story about our family, let us know, and we would be glad to help publish it here.

Family Snapshot: Lucretia Stout Brewer

Ora Una Brewer Connolly Family Stories:  Audio recording originally was transcribed by Sandy Brewer in 1981.  It was converted to digital text by Nancy Brewer Sloop.  The story is written just as Ora stated it.  Where clarification is needed, brackets [ ] are used.

James Paul Brewer's Early Military Service.  This details James Paul Brewer's service during and immediately after World War II in the Naval Reserves and US Navy.  He later continued to serve in the Merchant Marines and earned the rank of Captain.

A Trip to Pikeville, Kentucky.  A branch of our ancestors settled here in the 1860s.  Nancy Brewer Sloop recently made a trip to Pikeville.  Here is the story.

The US Navy Service of Wayne Joseph Brewer (1926-2004).  Wayne had an exciting naval career both during World War II and in the years after the war.  Susan Moore captured his service in this story.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the cassette recording of my grandmother. It would be wonderful to hear her voice again. Thanks for posting the story about my great grandfather.
Barbara Mayberry Hawks
granddaughter of Ora Brewer Connolly

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