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This blog is dedicated to the Brewer Family of North Carolina. These pages present our recent family gatherings and more distant family history.
We have an ongoing effort to capture the Brewer genealogy to best honor our ancestors. We've identified our ancestors who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Orange and Chatham Counties, NC as early as 1750. In the 1800s, we saw a migration to Alexander and Iredell Counties in NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky. By the 20th century our family made their homes all over the nation.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A UFO is Spotted by Our Ancestor

Samuel Goodwin Stout (1843-1919) was the brother of Sarah Ann Stout Willet and the brother-in-law of Wiley Brewer.  Below is an interesting article from the December 5, 1899 edition of the Statesville Landmark.


GizaCat said...

I am descended from an Aaron Stout born in the 4th quarter of the 18th century. His daughter LYDIA STOUT was born in KY in 1811 and married into the WILLETT family also in KY. I know your extended family tree spells Willet, but it is the Stout family I am trying to trace. Can your genealogists help me figure this one out? Thank you
Lydia Willett Gaebe Bishop

Ron said...

Lydia: I hope our families are related. I forwarded your comment to Susan who is the expert on our Stout family. I'll let you know what she finds out. After we receive Susan's response, I'll send it to our family's Willet expert.

Ron said...

Lydia: Susan, our Stout expert, studied your family members and could not find an intersection with our family. Susan promised to keep looking. You can see her Stout tree on Ancestry.com.


Anonymous said...

My name is Karen Emerson Vestal and I am a descendant of Sarah Stout and John Willett. I see your picture of Sarah Stout's marker. Is there a picture of John Willett's marker? I would love to see and have a picture of it. Thanks in advance.

Karen Emerson Vestal

Ron said...

Karen, thank you for your post. We have no picture of the marker for John C. Willet. In fact, we do not even know where or when he died. He has been a real mystery for us. Do you have this information?

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