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This blog is dedicated to the Brewer Family of North Carolina. These pages present our recent family gatherings and more distant family history.
We have an ongoing effort to capture the Brewer genealogy to best honor our ancestors. We've identified our ancestors who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Orange and Chatham Counties, NC as early as 1750. In the 1800s, we saw a migration to Alexander and Iredell Counties in NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky. By the 20th century our family made their homes all over the nation.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Descendants of John Preston Brewer (1851-1918)

Ora Una Brewer Connolly Family:  
Back row:  John Wade Connolly (1894-1959), Ora Una Brewer Connolly (1896-1983), Marvin Preston Wesley Connolly (1914-1970). Front row:  Robert Wayne Connolly (b. 1925), Margaret Annie Mae Connolly (1919-2000), Edna Pauline Connolly (1921-2011).

Arnie Angus Brewer (1900-1981), son of John Preston Brewer, and Arnie's son, Robert Preston Brewer (1925-2006).

Four of the six children of John Preston Brewer:  Back:  Edna Bonnie Brewer Poole (1907-1985), Izetta Margara Brewer Troutman (1902-1990), and Ora Una Brewer Connolly (1896-1983).  Front:  Arnie Angus Brewer (1900-1981).  Picture likely was taken about 1980.

Ruth Adelia Overcash Brewer (1899-1971), wife of Arnie Angus Brewer, holding son, John E. Brewer (b. 1945), and son Richard Arnold Brewer (1939-1998).

Arnie Angus Brewer's garage in St. Petersburg, FL.  We believe Arnie and his family migrated to Florida from the Alexander and Iredell County area sometime before 1925.

Robert Preston Brewer (1925-2006), son of Arnie Angus Brewer, and his wife Beverly Jean Knotts Brewer (1932-2004)

Thomas Robert Brewer (1953-2009), son of Robert Preston Brewer, and his wife, Marlene.

Edna Pauline Connolly (1921-2011), daughter of Ora Una Brewer Connolly and wife of Chester A. Mayberry, Jr.

Janet Izetta Brewer (1922-1941), daughter of Shubert Pharis and Daisy Mae McDaniels Brewer and wife of George Galliher.  She died in childbirth at only 19 years of age.

Joyce Beatrice Brewer (1933-2008), daughter of Shubert Pharis Brewer, and her husband John Lee Keller (1928-2005)

Larry Carlton Brewer (1905-1979) and his mother, Pearlie Idocus Williams Brewer, wife of Maldon Oscar Brewer

Larry Carlton Brewer served in the US Navy in World War II and Korea

Center, Ora Una Brewer (1896-1983) daughter of John Preston Brewer.  Ora's daughters:  Left, Edna Pauline Connolly (b. 1921) and Right, Margaret Annie Mae Connolly (1919-2000)

Nannie Kishma Brewer (1878-1948), daughter of John Preston Brewer and wife of Thomas Dalton Mayberry, and two of her sons:  Charles Capp Maybery (1895-1975) on the left, and Abraham Lincoln Mayberry (1899-1978) on the right.

Effie Louise Mayberry (1908-1995), daughter of Nannie Kishma Brewer, her husband Cletus Haymore Campbell (1899-1982), and their son, Jimmy Ray Campbell (1930-1993).

Effie Louise Mayberry Campbell (1908-1995) and her sister Eva Estelle Mayberry Gill (1911-2000).

Jimmy Ray Campbell (1930-1993).  In addition to serving his nation in the US Navy, Jimmy was an engineer supporting the USA at the height of our space program.  This included Projects Apollo and Skylab.  Jimmy touched the landing leg of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module which carried the first humans to the surface of the moon.  Today his fingerprint remains on the moon and likely will be there for millions of years.  The first picture shows Jimmy in the late 1940s during his service in the Navy.  The second shows the Apollo team in mission control.  Can you pick out our Jimmy?  Click on the photo to enlarge it

William Thomas Gill (1929-2013), grandson of Nannie Kishma Brewer.  Bill served his nation during two tours in Korea and one tour in Viet Nam.  He retired from the US Army as a Command Sergeant Major.  In the photo, Bill is with his wife of 61 years, Billie Fae Gerard.

Izetta Margara Brewer, daughter of John Preston Brewer and Margaret Amelia Carson.  This photo had "Victory" handscribed along the bottom border.  Was it associated with the end of World War I?

Miles Reid Troutman (1894-1970) and his wife Izetta Margara Brewer (1902-1990).  

Betty Sue Troutman Sharpe (1934-1993), daughter of Miles Reid Troutman and Izetta Margara Brewer.  Betty Sue was injured in an automobile accident in 1949 at age 15.  She became a paraplegic, and her courage and energy are captured in the 1952 article below from the Statesville Daily Record.  In 1970 she married Donald Ray Sharpe.  Click on the image to permit easier reading.

Troutman Family:  1st row:  Betty Sue; 2nd row:  Miles Reid Troutman and Izetta Margara Brewer; 3rd row:  Marilyn, Carson, Lila, and Maxine

Five of the seven children of John Preston and Margaret Amelia Carson Brewer :   From the left:  Izetta Margara Brewer Speece (1902-1990); Ora Una Brewer Connolly (1896-1983); Arnie Angus Brewer (1900-1981); Viola Dorothy Brewer McCurdy (1894-1983); and Edna Bonnie Brewer Poole (1907-1985)

Viola Dorothy Brewer McCurdy on the Paddlewheel Queen in October 1961.

Family of Orlando Roy and Mary Ellen Bailey Brewer:  Roy Maurice Brewer, Margaret Lucille Brewer, Orlando Roy Brewer, William Preston Brewer, Jean LaVerne Brewer, Mary Ellen Bailey Brewer, Hilda Evelyn Brewer, Rosemary Brewer
(in front).

Roy Maurice Brewer (1936-2014), son of Orlando Roy Brewer and Mary Ellen Bailey Brewer.  Roy served his nation in the United States Marine Corps.

Larry Arland Smith (1943-2008), son of Hilda Evelyn Brewer and Woodrow Wilson Smith.

Maldon Oscar (or Oskay) Brewer (1876-1936).  Maldon was the son of John Preston Brewer and John's first wife, Sarah Catherine Potts (1854-1892).

Maxine Verimilla Troutman (1922-1971), on the right, daughter of  Miles Reid Troutman and Izetta Margara Brewer;  Edna Pauline Connolly (b. 1921), on the left, daughter of John Wade Connolly and Ora Una Brewer.  This photo confirms children today are the same as they were 80 or so years ago.  What could be more fun than feeding chickens?

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