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This blog is dedicated to the Brewer Family of North Carolina. These pages present our recent family gatherings and more distant family history.
We have an ongoing effort to capture the Brewer genealogy to best honor our ancestors. We've identified our ancestors who moved from Mecklenburg County, Virginia to Orange and Chatham Counties, NC as early as 1750. In the 1800s, we saw a migration to Alexander and Iredell Counties in NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky. By the 20th century our family made their homes all over the nation.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brewer Family Mini-Reunion, October 23, 2010

The mini-reunion could not have been better.  We met at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Statesville.  We were thrilled to meet members from the Ila Etta Elizabeth Brewer Parker family and the Willet family.  We had 38 or more folks attend.  Everyone was so friendly.  Our ancestors were good folks.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Ron, you are doing a grand job of updating interesting information and pictures on the blog. It is wonderful to see how our extended family is growing and developing. I am looking forward to meeting many of them at the mini-reunion next Saturday.
Nancy Brewer Sloop

Nancy Brewer Sloop said...

These are great pictures. Everyone was having such a good time talking to familiar and new family members, and the food was good, too. There are lots of neat people in our extended family! We were very happy to meet the new members of the Ila B. Parker family and the Daniel H. Willet family. Make plans to come to the regular reunion in June.

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